Legal Indemnity Insurance policies for issue by solicitors and conveyancers

About GCS

GCS is the pioneer of Instant Issue legal indemnity policies which provide cover for a wide range of common title defects. Our Instant Issue policies allows conveyancers to arrange cover for their clients without the extra burden of having to issue cover-notes nor the need to refer to underwriters un-necessarily.

GCS also has some of the most experienced underwriters in the market who are able to effectively assist you with Bespoke cases that fall outside Instant Issue.

5th Edition Plus

GCS Legal Indemnity Insurance policies are for exclusive use by conveyancing professionals. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of title insurance products in the market and over the years our policies have helped tens of thousands of Residential and Commercial conveyancing professionals arrange fast and effective legal indemnity insurance cover on behalf of their clients.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we deliver and our in-depth understanding of customers’ needs. We don’t provide basic cover, we provide superior legal indemnity cover at more than competitive prices… ‘you get what you pay for’. The majority of our policies run in perpetuity and cover all successors in title, as standard!

For common types of title defects, our Residential and Commercial property legal indemnity policies can be self-issued straight from the current GCS 5th Edition Plus Pack or GCS OnLine. All our self-issue policies are ‘live’ documents, which means that as soon as you have completed and signed it, your client goes on risk immediately. There is no need for temporary cover-notes or waiting around for authorisation!

For less common types of title defects or those risks that do not meet the issuing criteria of our Pack or GCS OnLine, we also provide a Bespoke Service. Each of our bespoke underwriters have at least 10 years’ experience so you can be assured that we understand exactly what you are talking about and will know what you need.

Of course, if we think you don’t need anything… we will tell you that too!