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The No Search-Chancel legal indemnity insurance policy provides cover on a purchase of a single residential and/or commercial property based within England and Wales without a search or enquiries being carried out to check whether or not owners of the property may be liable to contribute to or pay for the cost of repair to a church chancel.

The owner of the property must not be aware of any liability to repair the chancel and there must not be any reference to such liability in the property's title deeds or Land Registry entries.

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Key Features and Benefits

If a Chancel Repair Search (i.e. a search of the Record of Ascertainments held at the Public Record Office), carried out on the date on which this policy commences, would have revealed that owners of the property are liable to pay for chancel repair, the policy provides cover for the following, up to your selected limit of indemnity *:

  • all sums which owners of the property become liable to pay for repair of the church chancel as confirmed by court order or otherwise with our consent
  • any other costs and expenses with our consent.

       This policy does not cover properties which comprise more than 5 acres*

The policy automatically covers subsequent owners of the property and mortgage lenders, and remains in force from the day you issue it without any time limit. 

This ‘At a Glance’ description of cover does not set out the full terms and conditions of cover or the exceptions and limitations which apply to the policy, all of which can be found in the policy document. Please also refer to the Key Facts policy summary.
* For additional cover and limits of indemnity exceeding £2.5m, see Bespoke Policies

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