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Environmental Search - Validation

The Environmental Search Validation legal indemnity insurance policy provides cover when you are prepared to purchase a residential and/or commercial property based within England and Wales relying on the result of an environmental search which was obtained up to 12 months before completion of the purchase.

The result of the environmental search must not disclose any contamination which might affect the property or land within 250 metres of the property. There is a risk that between the date of the search and completion of the purchase contamination may arise.

Construction of the property, and any alterations, additions, extensions or conversions to it, must have been completed at least 12 months before commencement of cover; and the property must have been occupied throughout the last 12 months. 

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Key Features and Benefits

If, during the term of the policy, the local authority or the Environment Agency serves a remediation notice that relates to contamination which existed at the property before the date on which the cover commenced but which was not disclosed by the existing environmental search, the policy provides cover for the following, up to your selected limit of indemnity *:

  • the direct cost of removing the source of contamination and re-instating the property, as required by the remediation notice
  • the reduction in the value of the property
  • costs and expenses with our consent.

The policy does not cover contamination caused by radio-active substances or materials 

The policy covers the buyer named in the policy schedule for 10 years, and the buyer's mortgage lender(s) for the full period of any loan that commences within that 10 year period. The policy does not cover subsequent owners or their mortgage lenders.

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