Legal Indemnity Insurance policies for issue by solicitors and conveyancers

Flying Freehold

The Flying/Creeping Freehold legal indemnity insurance policy provides cover when part of a residential and/or commercial freehold property (not being a freehold flat or maisonette) based within England and Wales, extends over or under adjoining premises and the property owner is unable to enforce necessary repairs to the adjoining premises for the support and protection of his or her own property, including where the adjoining premises are uninsured or inadequately insured.   

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Key Features and Benefits

If, due to inadequate repairing and insuring covenants and rights of protection and support, the property owner is unable to enforce the repair of adjoining premises needed for the protection of his or her own property, the policy provides cover for the following, up to your selected limit of indemnity *:

  • the reduction in the value of the property, after reasonable steps to enforce repair of the neighbouring property have failed
  • costs and expenses incurred with our consent.

The policy does not cover freehold flats or maisonettes*.

The policy automatically covers subsequent owners of the property and their mortgage lenders, and remains in force for 25 years from the date of commencement.  Mortgage lenders are covered for the full period of any loan that commences within that 25 year period.

This ‘At a Glance’ description of cover does not set out the full terms and conditions of cover or the exceptions and limitations which apply to the policy, all of which can be found in the policy document. Please also refer to the Key Facts policy summary.
* For additional cover and limits of indemnity exceeding £2.5m, see Bespoke Policies

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