Legal Indemnity Insurance policies for issue by solicitors and conveyancers

Search Validation

The Search Validation legal indemnity insurance policy provides cover when you are prepared to rely on one or more formal searches in respect of:

  • local land charges
  • information held by the Local Authority
  • mining
  • water or sewerage services to the property,

which were obtained up to 12 months prior to completion of the purchase of the property.

The policy can be used in respect of a single residential and/or commercial property based within England and Wales, where the existing search was carried out either officially (following postal application on the prescribed form) or personally (by an acceptable search agent).

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Key Features and Benefits

If, after the date that this policy commences (the date of completion of the purchase), you discover any adverse matter which was not revealed by the existing search but which would have been revealed by that search had it been carried out on the date of completion, the policy provides cover for the following, up to your selected limit of indemnity *:

  • The amount of any financial charges registered against the property
  • The reduction in the value of the property.

The policy does not cover contaminated land or any matter of which the buyer was aware at the date cover commences.

The policy covers the buyer and any mortgage lender named in the policy schedule.

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