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Sewer Indemnity

The sewer indemnity policy provides cover when a residential and/or commercial property or part of a residential and/or commercial property has been erected over or within 3 metres of a sewer without a build-over agreement from the appropriate water authority.  

During the last 3 years the property must have remained occupied and not have been altered or extended. 

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Key Features and Benefits

If the local authority or water company need to obtain access to the sewer to carry out necessary maintenance or repair works which results in damage or destruction to the property or part of the property the policy will provide cover for

  • The increased costs incurred by the water authority which are payable by the Insured where such costs are caused by the existence of the building on the property being situated above or within 3 metres of the sewer or
  • The costs of reinstating or repairing the building in the event of access being required to the sewer for carrying out necessary maintenance or repair works

as well as

  • Other costs and expenses with our consent

The policy will remain in force for 10 years from the date of issue and will automatically cover the named Insured and subsequent owners during that 10 year period.  Additionally the policy will cover any lender for the full period of any loan that commences within that 10 year period.  


This ‘At a Glance’ description of cover does not set out the full terms and conditions of cover or the exceptions and limitations which apply to the policy, all of which can be found in the policy document. Please also refer to the Key Facts policy summary.
* For additional cover and limits of indemnity exceeding £2.5m, see Bespoke Policies

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