Legal Indemnity Insurance for Residential & Commercial Properties

COVID-19 – All our policies remain available for issue 'Online', in our 'Pack' and through our 'Bespoke' service where we can issue directly for you.

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Guaranteed Conveyancing Solutions is one of the market-leading providers of Legal Indemnity Insurance for both ‘Residential’ & ‘Commercial’ properties and developments. Our policies are all comprehensively worded and all premiums are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax. Due to the nature of legal indemnities, our policies can ONLY be issued by conveyancing professionals on an Instant Issue and/or Bespoke basis.

GCS Instant Issue

Obtain an instant legal indemnity insurance quote in seconds. Issue policies in minutes.

GCS Bespoke

For risks that do not fit the Instant Issue mould, our experienced and friendly Underwriters are on hand to help.

During this period of upheaval, we are conscious that homeworkers may not have access to things they would normally have, such as a printer or a ‘Pack’. If you are using:

GCS ‘Online’:

All electronic policy documentation will be sent to you. While our policies usually require a handwritten signature, we understand this may not be possible. During this time, WE WILL honour all unsigned policies, subject to settlement of premium in accordance with our normal terms.

Please contact us on 01435 868050 if an unsigned policy is NOT acceptable. We can print and sign the policy on your behalf (subject to your approval), then scan the policy back to you and/or send it by post.

GCS ‘Pack’:

If you do not have access to your ‘Pack’, simply call 01435 868050 and we will issue the policy directly from our office. We will, of course, confirm immediate cover.

GCS ‘Bespoke’:

Our underwriters are all set up remotely and are able to assist with your enquiries. Simply email or call 01435 868050.

As we adapt to the constant changing climate, please forgive us if our service is not up to our usual high standards. We believe that we have taken all steps to ensure that such lapses do not happen but please do not hesitate to contact us should you feel otherwise. We are happy to learn.

Wishing you, your families and your friends the very best.

Thank you,
Guaranteed Conveyancing Solutions