Fair Value Assessment

Guaranteed Conveyancing Solutions is committed to ensuring that we have appropriate product oversight and governance systems and controls in place to offer products that have been assessed as providing fair value to customers that are within the appropriate target market.

This summary document has been created to fulfil our responsibilities under fair value regulations. This document should not be used as a sales or marketing tool. The distributor must act in the best interests of each customer individually when deciding whether to recommend a policy to their clients.


Most Recent Review

October 2023

Product Description

Legal Indemnity Insurance covering ‘Known’ title defects affecting the property and Legal Indemnity ‘Search’ insurance covering risks that may be identified during the course of conducting Local Authority searches.

Territorial Links

For properties situated in England and Wales.

Target Market

Owner, purchasers and lenders of property in England and Wales.

Outside Target Market

Anyone who is not an owner, purchaser, or lender of property in England and Wales.

Characteristics of the product aimed at meeting the needs of the target market

The insurance Cover provided is set out in the Schedule, up to the Limit of Indemnity. 5% inflation cover for a period of 10 years is typically provided (see the policy for confirmation). Details of the type of insurance offered are provided in the Schedule.

How should this product be distributed?

Products are distributed via legal firms and conveyancers authorised for insurance distribution. Products are not sold directly to customers.

What should distributors do to ensure the product provides fair value to the end customer?

Distributors should:

  • Ensure no duplicate cover exists
  • Highlight any key features and benefits along with any significant or unusual exclusions so that customers can make an informed choice
  • Ensure the needs of their clients are met
  • Ensure any commission, fees, or charges passed onto the customer must be proportionate to the service provided and provide fair value.


GCS has no commission agreements with any of its distributors nor do we charge any fees in connection with the policy. We may ask you to justify your fees or charges.

Customers for whom the product is not expected to provide fair value

This product would not be expected to provide fair value to customers that fall outside the Target Market.

Relevant documents available via our website

  • IPID
  • Policy Wording
  • Demands and Needs (where appropriate)

This document is to be read in conjunction with the appropriate policy. It does not set out the full terms and conditions of the policy as these can be found in the Schedule.