Legal Indemnity Insurance for Residential & Commercial Properties

6th Edition Pack


As the pioneers of self-issue legal indemnity insurance, we have ensured that our 6th Edition Pack is both broad in range and yet, still quick and simple to use.

All our policies offer market leading insurance cover at highly competitive premiums. In fact, the majority of our policies charge the same premium whether the property is Residential or Commercial.

Most importantly, all 6th Edition Pack policies are protected against future Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) rises. The premiums contained in this Pack are inclusive of IPT and will not change whatever the IPT rate is at the time of policy issue.

Main benefits of the 6th Edition Pack

  • Short and simple issuing instructions
  • Comprehensive covers for both Residential & Commercial properties
  • Limits of indemnity inflation clause as standard
  • Policies that run in ‘perpetuity’ and cover all successors in title
  • Cost-effective and time-saving combined policies
  • Premium discount on certain policy combinations
  • Formal confirmation receipts issued for each policy
  • Supported by highly experienced and friendly underwriters

4 Simple steps to Issuing Policies



Indemnity Top-Up

The Indemnity Top-Up Policy is used to increase the limit of indemnity of an existing GCS Self-Issue policy. This may be required when the market value of a property has increased beyond the limit of indemnity provided by the existing policy. Simply go to Section 22 of the Pack.

Additional Blank Policies

We will automatically send out blank policies to you so that you will never run out. However, if on rare occasions we fail to do so, please request further blank policies from us using the ‘Additional Policy Request Form’ in Section 23.

Bespoke Policies

The GCS Pack is one of the most comprehensive Packs on the market and contains the broadest range of policies. However, if you have a title issue that falls outside our issuing criteria or not covered within our Pack, please do not hesitate to contact our FREE Bespoke Service. Each Bespoke risk is promptly dealt with by one of our highly experienced and friendly underwriters.

GCS Online

If you like our Pack, you may also want to try our GCS OnLine which contains all the policies available in the Pack, but with the added convenience that all policies are issued and stored electronically. Our ‘Quick Quote’ function allows you to obtain quotes in seconds without the need to register. Registration is straightforward and is only required if you would like to issue policies.