Intro to Instant Issue 6th Edition Policies

GCS are the market leading provider of Instant-Issue legal indemnity insurance. Instant Issue is exactly what the name suggests – legal indemnity insurance that can be issued instantly by ‘conveyancing professionals’ to cover their clients’ ‘Residential’ or ‘Commercial’ property needs. This can all be done without the need for further referrals or delays.

GCS Instant Issue policies are all available in our comprehensive and easy to use Pack and/or our quick and simple Online system. Whether you choose to use the Pack or Online, each contain the same comprehensive level of cover at highly competitive premiums.

4 Simple Steps to Issuing Policies - Pack

  • Choose the required Policy type from the Pack.

    A contents page is included at the front of the Pack.

  • Carefully read the relevant instructions and issuing criteria.

    Choose the required Limit of Indemnity.

  • Complete the relevant blank Policy Schedule with the correct premium.

    Sign and date the Policy Schedule.

  • Send a copy of the Policy and premium to us.

    Address and payment details are contained within your Pack.

4 Simple Steps to Issuing Policies - Online

  • Login or register for an Online account.

    Registration is quick and simple.

  • Click ‘Create a Quote’ & select the Policy type you need.

    Complete the risk details & then you can generate your quote.

  • To issue, simply print & sign the Policy Schedule.

    Alternatively you can save your quote for later.

  • Premiums can be paid immediately or monthly.

    Payments are accepted by BACS or cheque.

Main benefits of 6th Edition policies

  • Short and simple issuing instructions
  • Comprehensive covers for both ‘Residential’ & ‘Commercial’ properties
  • Limits of indemnity inflation clause as standard
  • Policies that run in ‘perpetuity’ and cover all successors in title
  • Cost-effective and time-saving combined policies
  • Premium discount on certain policy combinations
  • Formal confirmation receipts issued for each policy
  • Supported by highly experienced and friendly underwriters
  • All premiums are inclusive of IPT