Policies at a Glance

GCS offers a wide range of legal indemnity insurance policies for all conveyancing risks. Instant cover is available for all ‘Residential’/ ‘Commercial’ properties and ‘Developments’.

Policies are available without referral INSTANTLY through GCS ‘Online’ and/or our insurance ‘Pack’. Get a Quick Quote in seconds!

Alternatively, if you can’t find the cover you’re looking for, or if you simply wish for us to provide cover directly from our office, we offer a no-obligation, no additional cost ‘Bespoke/Direct’ service.

Examples of different types of Legal Indemnity Insurance policies that we offer:

‘Instant Issue’

The following policies are available on an ‘Instant Issue’ basis via GCS ‘Online’ and/or your insurance ‘Pack’, as well as through our ‘Bespoke/Direct’ service:

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