Good Leasehold (GL)

The Good Leasehold Title indemnity policy has been specifically designed for the situation where a residential and/or commercial property is registered at the Land Registry with good leasehold title only or, if the property is not yet registered, it is anticipated that the title to the property will be registered as good leasehold only upon first registration.

For full terms, please see the Key Facts.

  • Premiums from £20.00 incl. IPT
  • ‘Instant’ cover for residential and commercial properties
  • This policy will run in perpetuity
  • Up to £3m limit of indemnity
  • Comprehensive cover including automatic 5% inflation clause per annum for 10 years
  • Electronic policies and key facts
  • Monthly statement and numerous payment options
  • LOI can be increased at any point using our top-up policy
  • BACS and cheques accepted

If you require an Absent Landlord policy as well as Good Leasehold for the same property, we suggest taking a look at our combined policy as the total premium is reduced.

If you want us to issue this policy directly from our office, please contact us for a ‘Bespoke/Direct’ quote.