Road & Sewer Adoption (AD)

This policy is also known as: ‘Sewer Adoption’ or ‘Road Adoption’

This policy provides cover during the indemnity period in the event of the local highway authority and/or the water/sewerage company demanding from the property owner in respect of the property a contribution towards the costs of adopting the roadway serving the property and/or the sewers because a S38 Agreement and/or a S104 Agreement has not been entered into or it has but the developer has not fully complied with its obligations under the S38 or S104 Agreement.

For full terms, please see the Policy.

This policy is available in the following variations, each providing slightly different cover based upon your needs.

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Road & Sewer Adoption - Capped 15 Years Road & Sewer Adoption - In Perpetuity Road & Sewer Adoption - Lender Only

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